De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef, Eemoh – Sgudi Snyc ft. Sipho Magudulela

Piano DJ and producer De Mthuda has teamed up with Da Muziqal Chef and Eemoh and released a new song titled “Sgudi Snyc,” featuring contributions from Sipho Magudulela.

One thing is sure, and it is that De Mthuda will never release a jam that doesn’t slap. The Piano star raised the bar for himself a long time ago, and he always hits it.

Last week, he hinted at the coming release of his next song. The photos used to promote the song showed that it was inspired by a former hit Mzansi comedy show. Of course, we all wanted to hear the song.

He has finally dropped it. Teaming up with Da Muziqal Chef and Eemoh, he titled the song “Sgudi Snyc” and recruited the talents of Sipho Magudulela to feature on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice.

Sgudi Snyc

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