DJ Binnz – Good Love Ft. Stino Le Thwenny & Caask Asid

Love is one message that musicians never get tired of exploring. So it isn’t surprising that DJ Binnz should decide to interrogate the same message with “Good Love,” a song featuring associates Stino Le Thwenny and Caask Asid. 

The song drops just in time for the weekend, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see many out there rocking it into the weekend and beyond. 

Not only does this jam promise a good time, it delivers just that. So you might count yourself safe with this one, a number that will free you from the cobwebs of boredom and take you somewhere else — a place of liberating energy. 

It’s unclear why DJ Binnz decided to work with Stino Le Thwenny and Caask Asid, but then the decision to work with them is not something any liver of food music would have an issue with. The troika did exceptionally well together, and one can only nod at the beauty of their creation. 

It’s almost impossible not to want to look forward to them collaborating again after this. Well, while you harbour hopes of another joint jam from them, you’d also do well to immerse yourself in what’s already playing. Best believe “Good Love” is worth every second of its playtime. 

DJ Binnz – Good Love Ft. Stino Le Thwenny & Caask Asid

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