DJ Kaymoworld – From The Dirt Ft. Gemini Major , 25K & Lucasraps

DJ Kaymoworld, also known simply as DJ Kaymo, rises “From The Dirt” in a new song featuring Gemini Major, 25K and Lucasraps.

He is not exactly consistent with his releases, but DJ Kaymo sure knows how to snap attention when he drops something.  There’s no denying the potency of his latest drop. From the title, you might suspect you’re about to be burdened with something drab.

Well, the songster spares you that. What you have, instead, is a song worthy of the flame emoji. One can only nod at the songster’s choice of guests. Gemini Major, 25K and Lucasraps were splendid complements

Gemini Major is more of a music producer but then he’s also a fine voice in the world of South African rap. 25K is one of the men of the moment thanks to the charms of his recently released “Pheli Makavelli” album. And Lucasraps? Another winning rap ace. He was recently signed to Def Jam Africa.

What do you think of DJ Kaymoworld’s “From The Dirt” song with Gemini Major, 25K and Lucasraps and how would you rate it? Did the pals nail the number? You can stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

DJ Kaymoworld – From The Dirt Ft. Gemini Major , 25K & Lucasraps

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