DJ Moscow & Soa Mattrix – Soka Lami Ft. Nandi Ndathane

This DJ is neither from Moscow nor has he been to the Russian Capital. Still, DJ Moscow and his pal Soa Mattrix have put together a memorable number titled “Soka Lami” in collaboration with Nandi Ndathane.

The first two artists lead, while the last is the guest artist. Three creative spirits, one memorable number. We are confident you’d be as interested in this number as us. For one, it leaves no room for drab breaks.

Secondly, from the beginning, it takes you into a musical universe that is empowering and relatable at once – a place you would love to be in and tell others about. From listening to this collaborative tune, one comes up with reasons to check out what next the three might drop – as individuals and even collectively.

Well, until another drop y’all are better off vibing with what is already playing. You should love every bit of it.

Soka Lami

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