DJ Zan-D Drops “Why You Mad?” Featuring Gigi Lamayne

DJ Zan-D has released a rapturous number titled “Why You Mad?” in collaboration with Gigi Lamayne.

It’s the first collaborative single we have heard from the pair this year. But no qualms. We love the song, and we are confident you will love it too.

“Why You Mad?” is one of those songs you listen to and start hankering for a repeat listening session. The sheer exuberance of the lyrics will keep you going all week. Best believe.

“Why You Mad?” is DJ Zan-D’s first official debut on UbeToo, however we had dropped a few words about him as one of the participants in hip-hop champ Riky Rick’s “Cotton Fest” this year. That said, DJ Zan-D’s gift as an artiste is not in doubt.

Gigi Lamayne? She is one voice you just cannot ignore in the world of South African hip-hop. She has come a long way – you know, fought many battles – and now croons from a glorious pedestal.

Not only is she active in music; she is a robust voice in the world of activism, calling for justice, most recently in the killing of Collins Khosa. At some point she had rued the music industry’s indifference in the case.

Check out “Why You Mad?” below.

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