Foliswa – lsiqamelo

South African singer Foliswa erupts with a song titled ‘lsiqamelo” — her first on this platform.

Debuts on here are usually of great interest because they give us clues about how much an artist understands the process and the readiness to apply knowledge in the whole adventure.

Unfortunately, Foliswa has made the same mistake most newbies make while launching out—not filling their social media channels with clips of them singing and not sharing the cover art of their songs when eventually released.

All this contributes to great promotion for the singers and their works. But they almost always overlook it, sadly.

Anyway, we hope she learns from her mistakes and plods ahead. That’s said, “Isiqamelo” is pretty decent on the ears. So a decision made to listen to it is. O something we think you’ll regret. Go on, then, tap the play button and have a wonderful time. No qualms.

Foliswa – lsiqamelo

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