Hle Live – You’re The Worthy One

Gospel artist Hle Live brings you all a new song titled “You’re The Worthy One.”

That “You” is not you, of course. The songstress is addressing a superior force that neither you nor I have seen, yet whose designs are all over us. If you are still lost about who that might be, then you have not been paying attention.

Anyway, Hle Live, who fancies herself a hopeless lover of Christ, is sharing a message about the Spirit she says she loves. The world might be full of people, good and bad, but there’s no taking the place of God in the life of the singer.

She affirms this much with “You’re The Worthy One,” a soul-stirring number that’s as liberating spiritually. If you count yourself an athlete for Christ, you should love what the singer has put together. You might end up introducing the song to your associates as well.

For Hle Live, it’s a promise made and fulfilled. Before the song’s official release, she had shared a teaser on her Instagram page and let fans know when to expect the full piece. The wait is over and well worth it.

Hle Live – You’re The Worthy One

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