Imfez’emnyama Releases “Uhlanya Ngempela” 2021 CD Album Release Date & Artwork

Maskandi hitmaker, Imfez’emnyama has just revealed the official release date and the artwork for his forthcoming ” “Uhlanya Ngempela” 2021 CD Album.

All the music genres have been well represented in the airwaves this year. This, of course, includes Maskandi. Maskandi musicians have dropped albums and singles, all of which have well received by fans and followers of the sound.

The one and only, Imfez’emnyama is ready now to join the fun with the release of his next project. Last year, he blessed the airwaves with the album “Perfect Wedding”. Of course, the project was equally well received by the fans. He also rode solo on it.

Now, Imfez’emnyama is back with another one. He has revealed the title to be “Uhlanya Ngempela” 2021 CD Album, and also unveiled the official artwork for it. The album is scheduled to be released on the 11th day of December. This is indeed a good one to anticipate.

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