Imfezi Emnyama – Ching Ching Album

Maskandi artist, Imfezi Emnyama, returns to UbeToo with a new compilation titled “Ching Ching.” What comes to mind seeing such a title without first listening to the compilation? If you’re a world reader, then you’d most likely say something from old Chinese dynasties — and you wouldn’t be mistaken.

Chill, though. This album has nothing to do with such. It’s just a maskandi compilation with the fire of minstrelsy that could appeal to many music lovers out there, whether they’re into the genre or not.

The compilation begins with an eponymous track and ends with a song titled “Amadlozi.” in between those are songs like “Nguwe,” “Giya,” “Mama,” “Ungithande,” “Bayede,” “Maritzburg,” and “Maningi.”

In ten songs, the songster exited several themes, disparate yet melding into one pleasing organic whole that resonates. There, if you please, there is something for everyone.

Maskandi might not be the in-thing in South Africa right now, unlike amapiano. However, it’s still s delightful genre with its own devotees. Imfezi Emnyama is one of those who has kept fans’ interest in the genre on fire.

With his latest project, he returns to old habits, giving the listener multiple reasons not to lose faith in the genre. It’s time for a maskandi break.

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