Jazzuelle Preaches “God Particle” In New Song

Jazzuelle releases brand new song "God Particle"

Jazzuelle proves he’s got “God Particle” with his brand new song.

There’s something about Jazzuelle that makes him stand out. It could very well be his unique approach to music creation. His songs have a way of depicting what he had in mind before they were born.

That sets his music on a really high pedestal not every artist or DJ ever reaches. He’s out this time with a new song. He calls this one “God Particle”. Trust that the work on this one is just amazing. He proves himself to be great at what he does, like in works such as “Eclipse”, “Laws Of Motion” etc.

The talented muso is also getting ready to drop his album in a week. On Thursday, 19 June, he announced that he had finished work on his 3rd album. The album is set to be released on Friday, 26 June. Be sure to check it out when it drops.

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