Kelvin Momo & Jay Sax – Summer Rain

Er, it might not be summer where you are, but best believe that the South African music producers Kelvin Momo and Jay Sax have just made it possible for “Summer Rain” to fall on you. Welcome to the world of their latest collaborative single if you please.

“Summer Rain” might not necessarily make it rain on you. But then from listening to the song, you realize that it is nothing short of a benediction. The song leaves no room for dull breaks, and you will most likely want to listen to it again after a first encounter.

Kelvin Momo is one of amapiano’s most consistent voices. He might not be the public “king” of that genre. But then, when you listen to the bod, you know he is capable. He shows his sinews in his latest collaborative joint with Jay Sax.

Just light it up and smoke it, mate. No qualms.

Kelvin Momo & Jay Sax – Summer Rain

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