Kyle Deutsch – Love Dealer

Kyle Deutsch’s obsession with love and its many tropes continue with “Love Dealer,” a song that just might get you thinking about that special someone for whom your heart beats.

It seems just like yesterday when Kyle Deutsch dropped “Bring Back the Love” in collaboration with SkattaIsDead. But that was exactly two years ago – in 2019. His latest drop, although sans guests, is as exciting as can be.

This track is not exactly freshly minted. According to the songster, he’s had the jam since 2015, as a demo, but have only just decided to wrap it up for the world to consume. He also confessed his love for the number while expressing the hope fans love it, too.

We’re all love dealers in one sense or the other. And while Kyle Deutsch does not pontificate about us been love dealers, the message is still obvious. In fact, from listening to this jam some peeps just might find themselves sharing more love ou there.

And you know, with the world in crisis, warlords and chieftains snapping at each other, love is one intensely desirable message right now. Wherever you are, you may want to start sharing that message. And oh, it costs nothing.

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