Lady Gaga Premieres “Hold My Hand” From The Flick Top Gun: Maverick

Her releases may not be as regular as in the past, but Lady Gaga is still as charming with the bars as can be. Any doubt about this was recently erased with her “Hold My Hand” tune, which is part of the flick Top Gun: Maverick. 

The song was written and produced by Lady Gaga herself in collaboration with Blood Pop. Benjamin Rice is credited with additional production. 

As a title, “Hold My Hand” conjures images of someone in a drunken haze and in need of support. Of course, Lady Gaga wasn’t tipsy in that song, but the listener might end up somehow inebriated. 

Really. The songstress spilt her soul on this song, creating a musical experience that’s stirring and memorable. You should love it. 

While we do not consider this the finest from Lady Gaga’s kitty, we have no qualms saying it’s a number y’all can have without regrets on your playlist. 

The number illumines the American at one of her most engaging. The result speaks for itself, and you can’t possibly get bored vibing to it. So let the music begin if you please. Join Lady Gaga and go gaga. You surely won’t end up in the slammer. 

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