LebtoniQ – F4r the Polopians Album

A debit album means a lot not just for the musicians but for his audience, who, most times, have been expecting just that after being served a consistent diet of singles. We can confirm that’s exactly the case with music producer LebtoniQ, who’s just returned to our orbit with an album.

This debut compilation is not just LebtoniQ – F4r the Polopians but for you, the lover of good music, as well. So, irrespective of your genre devotions, so long as you love a good time and splendid bars, you should easily have a great time with the project.

It bears fourteen tracks in all, beginning with “Yesterday is Gone,” a morbid reality of an affirmation, and ends with “Hou Hooi.” Between those are equally engaging numbers that will resonate with many music lovers out there.

The weekend is almost upon us, and we are happy to count LebtoniQ’s “F4r the Polopians” album among the compilations to vibe with then and beyond.


  1. LebtoniQ – Yesterday Is Gone (feat. Dearson)
  2. LebtoniQ – Find you (feat. Sfundo)
  3. LebtoniQ – M.O (feat. Oscar Mbo)
  4. LebtoniQ – Praise Him (feat. Tranquility & MusiQ Monks)
  5. LebtoniQ – Tonight (feat. Beat Soul)
  6. LebtoniQ – 007 (feat. Roctonic)
  7. LebtoniQ – A Feeling (feat. Dustinho)
  8. LebtoniQ, Mega Bt & Oscar Mbo – God Listen
  9. LebtoniQ – Deeper love (feat. Dark Horse)
  10. LebtoniQ – Monate (feat. C-Blak)
  11. LebtoniQ – If House
  12. LebtoniQ – Azizi (feat. C-Blak & Bobo)
  13. LebtoniQ – African Monster
  14. LebtoniQ – Hou hooi (feat. M.K Clive)

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