Major Keys – Forever Yena 2.0

Mzansi musician Major Keys makes the transition into the weekend easy with a new offering dubbed “Forever Yena 2.0,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s music and entertainment destination.

With such a memorable title as “Forever Yena 2.0,” there is that expectation that the number itself would be something that grows on the listener and stays with him for some time. Well, we would say you would get exactly that with this tune.

From the outset, you get the feeling you would not be taken for a ride with this one. And at the end of the song itself, that feeling would be confirmed – a win not just for the listener but for the songster who had put together the song as well.

Now go ahead and tap the play button and experience what Major Leys can do when he is in the spirit. “Forever Yena 2.0” is the message, peeps!

Forever Yena 2.0

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