Mawhoo, TOSS, Mdoovar, 9umba – 10K Ye McDonald’s EP

It isn’t all the time that you have several artists on a project as lead singers. For the most part, you have the lead singer, or owner of most of the songs, and a couple of musicians he picked to work with. That didn’t play out this time, however.

Mawhoo, TOSS, Mdoovar, and 9umba are out with a joint project dubbed “10K Ye McDonald’s” EP, which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

Down here, extended plays are known to be relatively short. But Mawhoo, TOSS, Mdoovar, and 9umba took that a bit lower by releasing an even shorter project. But no, that’s not a complaint. In reality, their “10K Ye McDonald’s” EP is a potent compilation that leaves no room for boredom whatsoever.

From the outset, the listener quickly gets the feeling that he’s in for a splendid musical experience with the project. And that’s what he gets from listening to it. So, east or west, it’s good vibes all the way.

For musicians who don’t have a long collaborative history, Mawhoo, TOSS, Mdoovar, and 9umba have put out a winning compilation that we see many returning to after a first listening session.

Tracklist / Mp3 Download

  1. AmaKhosi
  2. 10K Ye McDonald’s

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