Mellow & Sleazy – Possessed Whistle

Mellow & Sleazy unleash “Possessed Whistle,” a jam that just might ge you possessed. But it’s all for good, for you’re not going to end up in the gutter like a drunk. Far from it.

Mellow & Sleazy are pretty young on the music scene. But these friends have shown that they’re here to stay. At a time when groups are disbanding almost as soon as they’re formed, the two remain a team, and luminous.

Their latest drop, “Possessed Whistle,” might remind the music buff of impempe whistles. In fact, the whistles might be used along with the song without loss of message and melody. It takes dedication to create this, especially at a time when the interest in the whistles appears to have declined remarkably.

The weekend is here, and we think you can join us as we get possessed with what Mellow & Sleazy have put together.

This is the ideal jam for this time of the week and you can vibe with it all you like, without somehow getting lost in the bog of boredom.

Whether you’re into piano or house music or just a lover of music generally, you cannot but nod to the creative powers behind this song.

Mellow & Sleazy – Possessed Whistle

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