Nonso Amadi – Eye to Eye

It’s good music Monday, and we invite you to join us as we serve the numbers hot. In the dying hours of August, Nigerian singer Nonso Amadi shared a snippet of a song titled “Eye to Eye” and bid fans to watch out for the full song first week of September. He kept to that promise. The song is here.

As a title, “Eye to Eye” has several connotations. And before listening to the song itself, you might find yourself wondering where the songster intends to take you to, with that number. While it’s tempting to want to share that here and now, we’d rather not.

And the reason is simple. You’re more likely to enjoy the song more if you should uncover its meat for yourself. We readily concede, though, that it’s a song worth hearing. So you’re in for a good time with this one. Tap the play button and let the music begin. No qualms.

Nonso Amadi – Eye to Eye

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