Omacekeceke Abashaa – Insimb’edlezinye Ft. Shilisi langa

The talented Maskandi trio OMACEKECEKE ABASHAA has recruited the talents of SHILISI LANGA to feature on their new song “INSIMB’EDLEZINYE.” The song is from their debut album, “IPHENTI LIKA JOCKEY.”

Several song genres have dominated the scene with dope jams. The Maskandi scene is never left behind. They have churned out hits and claimed niches on the airwaves.

OMACEKECEKE ABASHAA is on their journey in the airwaves. The trio is looking to make a name for themselves, and their doing it the right way. The trio released an album titled “IPHENTI LIKA JOCKEY.” It housed 14 tracks and featured contributions from IGCOKAMA ELISHA and SHILISI LANGA.

OMACEKECEKE ABASHAA has released a song from the album. It is titled “INSIMB’EDLEZINYE” and features contributions from SHILISI LANGA. Together, they did a great job on it. Check the song out below to listen to it. Also, add it to a playlist of your choice this week.


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