Pdot O – Like Water Ft. DJ Switch Mixtape

After promising fans a new body of work, Mzansi’s Pdot O and DJ Switch have let them have it. “Like Water Mixtape” is a charmer on many levels and a fine addition to the playlist of any lover of good music out there.

This mixtape sports seven tracks in all. In sharing those tracks on Instagram, it is clear the two friends were not serious about legibility. One has to strain too hard in an attempt to have a semblance of…

Okay, we will pass. As far as we know, “Like Water Mixtape” is a first of its kind between the two artists. And to their credit, they actually did well together, spitting their bars beautifully side by side. The project features Khumo Leff, Ceazor, ASAP, Shembe, Slyme, Thapelo Mashiane, Hxdi Stross and more; see tracklist below:

  1. DJ Switch – Different Cloth ft. PdotO, Khumo Leff & Ceazor
  2. DJ Switch – Rah Rah ft. PdotO
  3. DJ Switch – Up in the Air ft. PdotO, Hxdi Stross, &Me & AKD
  4. DJ Switch – No Favours ft. PdotO, ASAP, Shembe & Slyme
  5. DJ Switch – Room Tempreture ft. PdotO & Ceazor
  6. DJ Switch – Zone Music ft. PdotO, Thapelo Mashiane & Hxdi Stross
  7. DJ Switch – On God ft. PdotO & Ceazor

You might not be a big fan of mixtapes, but after listening to Pdot O and DJ Switch, you’ll most likely give a nod to what they have in “Like Water Mixtape.”

You might want to imagine this compilation as water on the soul. In a sense it is, and it is satisfying as music. So you can rok it all you like without regrets. More than that, you’ll most likely want to see the two work on something ese after this. Not bad.

Pdot O – Like Water Ft. DJ Switch Mixtape Download

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