It’s “Playback” time for South African rapper K.O., and one can only nod at the charms of what he has just released.

Of recent, the songster has released music only sporadically, preferring to focus on building his Skhanda World brand as well as pushing up other talents. But he’s still a rap top shot.

This much should be clear from his latest drop. The “Lucky Star” of South Africa music is still in top form and keen to share his rap energy with whoever would listen.

K.O is one of the veterans on South Africa’s music scene. And he shows again and again in his songs that he is one veteran who has earned his stripes. His latest drop is as charming as can be and should make the playlist of any lover of South African rap.

“Playback” bears that understated charm one has come to expect from almost K.O. Here you find an artiste at his with his gift and keen to take the listener on an invigorating musical journey.

We do not exaggerate when we say that this song is worthy of a repeat listen. So, yes, you can listen to it over and over without qualms. Let the listening session begin, if you please.


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