Prince Benza – Byala

South African singer Prince Benza affirms his position with a new song titled “Byala,” which you can stream here on UbeToo. It is a promise made and fulfilled for the singer, who had informed fans he would drop a number before December.

Prince Benza, who had worked with Makhadzi on the soaraway “Ghanama,” is a man of many offices: a singer, a songwriter, and a producer. NA he’s doing pretty well in them all. His “Byala” tune is a fine advertisement of his creative powers, but it is not the finest of him yet. But that’s by the way.

A music video for the song will be out shortly. Prince Benza has a specific purpose for releasing the video, which is to show his fans that he can act too. Can you beat that?

Of course, you’re welcome to savor the song while you wait for the music video. No qualms.

Prince Benza – Byala

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