Pro Tee, Bhujwaman & Mbali – Yasha Yasha

When three champions gather, you’d best look forward to an interesting time. And that’s what you have here as Pro Tee, Bhujwaman and Mbali croon “Yasha Yasha.”

This Mbali is not Enhle the actress. But the songster delivered fine lines here. Bhujwaman was just as charming spitting his bars alongside his pals. You should love their offering.

Thabiso Professor Nkosi is the real name of the songster you know as Pro Tee. He’s one of the maestros in South Africa’s gqom universe and one of the artistes you should have on your playlist if you’re interested in gqom music.

Pro Tee might be a gqom ace, but he’s not limited to the genre. Also, he’s an avid remaker of the works of other artistes, from Sweden to South African to the United States. You name them.

While “Yasha Yasha” is not a remake or a remix, it has the same creative energy one easily spots in any song Pro Tee. This number is as entertaining as can be, and we doubt it will lack for devotees out there.

It’s a weekend and an ideal moment to immerse yourself in the world of the song these South African friends have put together.

Pro Tee, Bhujwaman & Mbali – Yasha Yasha

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