Pro-Tee Drops Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)

Pro-Tee Is out with “Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass),” a compilation that is instantly exciting.

The gqom DJ and producer is one of the most prolific in the game, spitting the numbers like there is nothing else to do and nothing else worth doing. He asserts his place in the gqom orbit with his latest compilation.

“Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)” is unapologetically Pro-Tee – a potent medley of numbers that are at once exciting and liberating.

Like almost all comoilations Pro-Tee, “Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)” is massive, beaaring a whooping 24 tracks

Pro-Tee – Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass) Tracklist

  1. Pro-Tee – Dont Leave Me (Original Mix)
  2. Pro-Tee – i-Tsunami Ft. Woza We Mculi
  3. Pro-Tee – Bass Evolution Ft. DJ Zebra
  4. Pro-Tee – The General (Original mix)
  5. Pro-Tee – The Rave-Yard Ft. The Elevators
  6. Pro-Tee – Heavy Machine Gun Ft. Deelouw
  7. Pro-Tee – The Dark Trumpet Ft. King Saiman
  8. Pro-Tee – The Undertaker Ft. Dlala Chass
  9. Pro-Tee – Church Trumpets Ft. King Saiman
  10. Pro-Tee – Let The Bass Break (Original mix)
  11. Pro-Tee – Yi yiii (Gareth Vox)
  12. Pro-Tee – Umshumayeli (Original mix)
  13. Pro-Tee – A New Day (Sample Mix)
  14. Pro-Tee – Just Add Bass (Original mix)
  15. Pro-Tee – Keep Praying (Instrumental mix)
  16. Pro-Tee – Generator
  17. Pro-Tee – Imortal Ft. DJ Sfrench
  18. Pro-Tee – Sub Kontroller (Original Mix)
  19. Pro-Tee – One Day (Instrumental)
  20. Pro-Tee – 1000 Ways To Moove
  21. Pro-Tee – The Electronic Gqom Masters Ft. DJ Zebra & The Elevators
  22. Pro-Tee – My Violin (Original mix)
  23. Pro-Tee – Our Fathers Prayer 2.0 Ft. DJ Behaviour & Mr Silver
  24. Pro-Tee – 4-Spherr (The Broken Beat)
  25. Pro-Tee – Broken Sgubhu (Bonus-Track)

Pro-Tee’s “Boom Base Volume 6 (Back To Bass)” promises to keep music lovers warm and for a long time, too. You may stream the compilation below ad let us know aht you think about it.


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