Rafaelo – Piece Ft. Kly

South African musician Rafaelo shares a “Piece” of him in a new song featuring compatriot Kly. An interesting bop you have here.

The guest artiste Kly appeared to have gone “AWOL” for some time. It’s been a while he appeared on our orbit. At least he returns with a number worth the wait. You should love it.

The songster himself was quite excited about the collaboration and had clued fans in about it on Instagram, urging them to go check it out – that piece of him and his pal.

The lead artiste Rafaelo is one of those entertaining musicians that you might consider absolute pleasure to have on your playlist. Paired with Kly, the result is just beautiful.

By the time you’re done listening to “Piece”, you just might find that the song has left pieces of you with it. Now that’s what memorable songs are made of, right.

We can’t point to a previous collaboration between Rafaelo and Kly. But if the quality of the song in review is a urging to go by, then we’re at liberty to say they owe us another number.

And oh, until another drop, it wouldn’t hurt to vibe with what’s already playing. You should have a wonderful time with this one.

Rafaelo – Piece Ft. Kly

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