Ree Morris & Jullian Gomes “Break Free” in new song

Ree Morris and Jullian Gomes team up for a liberating new single titled “Break Free”. It is taken off Ree’s new EP “Just A Man”.

Dont you just love the kind of songs that excite you and make you feel powerful. Well, we do. No shame on this end. A lot of the songs in the airwaves right now have lyrics that make you feel like you could conquer anything. This new song might make you feel the same way.

Ree Morris recently delivered his new EP “Just A Man” to the airwaves. The impressive new project features this new song with Jullian Gomes”. They both call it “Break Free”. It sort of feels like Jullian returned the favour because Ree has also featured on her album “Slow Poison”.

You really should check this new song by them out. To listen, simply and download the song below. Also, share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

Mp3 Download | Apple Music

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