Reece Madlisa & Zuma – Sithi Sithi

Reece Madlisa and Zuma link up on a song titled “Sithi Sithi,” which you can stream here on UbeToo. When two fine voices who also have great musical chemistry meet, you know you just have to listen. And listen again.

You should have nothing to regret if you should choose to open your ears to this number and encourage others to do the same.

The song has got a music video you might want to check out as well. Like the track, the video makes for a great diversion. It brings you agreeable colours and sounds that you should love to embrace over and over. Not bad

A new week has just begun, but no qualms. “Sithi Sithi” is one song with so much lyrical energy you might as well take it as your assurance the week will be a grand one.

Reece Madlisa and Zuma make fine collaborative partners. In fact, 0n the strength of their “Sithi Sithi” song, we’re for them working together regularly. Who would want to miss out on the poetry of their combined energies? Well, not us. And hopefully not y’all, yes?

Wont you rather embrace the song right away and expeeience something at once powerful and exciting?

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