Sho Madjozi – TORO Ft. DDG

After a long hiatus, celebrated South African singer Sho Madjozi has popped back into the music universe with a new song titled “Toro” featuring.

It’s a season of relief for fans having to wait so long for this number – and eventually, receive it. The songstress last released a song in early 2021, and she has been off the radar since. This led to speculations that she might be pregnant.

Well, to set the record straight, she had popped back into social media with “first things first. I’m not pregnant. Let’s just start there.”She shared a picture showing her “flat” tummy.

From the look of things, the “first things” are over, and now the songstress has got something to slake the thirsts of her fans.

“Toro” is not the finest song by Sho Madjozi, but it is potent enough to slake the thirsts of the hungry. So embrace it.

Sho Madjozi – TORO

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