Skwatta Kamp Premieres “In The Name Of Love” Audio & Video Featuting Aewon Wolf

Veteran collective Skwatta Kamp returns with a new single and a music video to boot. Both feature fellow South African Aewon Wolf.

Skwatta Kamp is a South African music collective that has flourished decades ago and also experienced tragedy when one of its members was stabbed to death by a woman he supposedly loved.

The group has remained resilient. The latest drop might be a way of telling the world not to write them off just yet. They have still got the music and they remained a united body.

“In The Name Of Love” may be taken as the group’s Valentine’s Day gift to fans. It is potent enough to have fans reliving a day of love long gone. These veterans have got the energy of old, and it’s a delight watching them perform together.

We wouldn’t call “In The Name Of Love” the finest from Skwatta Kamp, but it’s a fine reminder that the group is still able to snap attention and get music lovers crooning along. As a complement, Aewon Wolf did well with the group.

Is this a prelude to a resurgence for Skwatta Kamp? We cannot tell. But it would be interesting to see the group’s next musical move.

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