Snoop Dogg Is Tired Of Lockdown On “I Wanna Go Outside”

Snoop Dogg bares out what is on everybody’s mind at the moment, in his new single tagged “I Wanna Go Outside”.

The American rap legend teams up with Soopafly on the new song. The rappers bordered on the issue of quarantine in the new song, with snoop pondering on the question of, if the new life was the way man was suppose to be living.

The rapper has been caught up in a strings of bad events recently, as he was tangled around issues of snitching and cheating allegations once again.

We must all admit, we have all found ourselves in a situation that no one thought they could be in, with the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and every one just wants to get outside there and do what they all always do, when life was normal.

Snoop Dogg rapped about the stay-at-home order in the new song, which also got a video released to it. The new tune is groovy with some catchy hooks, bringing on a vibe from Snoop that we are used to.

Snoop Dogg also recently hinted that he would love to go on a Verzuz battle with American rapper Jay-Z as he sees him as a worthy opponent.

Check the new song out below;

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