Sphectacula & DJ Naves – Eminence Ft. Nue Sam & Deep Narratives

Serial collaborators Sphectacula & DJ Naves are back again. They bring fans a song titled “Eminence,” with Nue Sam and Deep Narratives as guests.

“Eminence” is a song of power – or a work of great creative energy if you please. Given the caliber of the artists behind the song, this should surprise no one.

The two artists behind the song are among the most respected two-man bands out there. They have been ten years together and are still strong as a team – unlike other bands that popped on the music scene at the same time as them.

One of the artists, DJ Naves, is not your regular DJ, though. The bod is also a fashion designer and a medical doctor, and he’s doing great in those offices as well. His pal Sphecctacula is known mostly as a DJ and producer.

At any rate, the two friends have got a splendid number in “Eminence,” and they made fine choices in Nue Sam and Deep Narratives.

What do you think of Sphectacula & DJ Naves “Eminence” song with Nue Sam and Deep Narratives? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Sphectacula & DJ Naves – Eminence Ft. Nue Sam & Deep Narratives

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