Spiga – Lockdown House Party Mix

Spiga puts on an amazing show the full recording of his “Lockdown House Party Mix”.

You know one amazing thing about the Channel O Lockdown House Party, it keeps surprising viewers. When you think you’ve seen it all, the show comes back with a different set of hit makers who also deliver big time.

Over the weekend, a different set of hit makers including EnoSoul, Lash T, DJ Questo and more were featured on the Lockdown House Party. As expected, they delivered an impressive show and the viewers loved it. In case you missed it, several clips of the sets have been released to YouTube. You can stream it there.

The talented Spiga was also featured, and he gave fans a thrill. He delivered an amazing show which earned him praise from many. You can watch the full show below. Also share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

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