SuG El MusiQ x Retical x Touchdabuka – Zwipa Ft. Retical & Touchdabuka

Okay, y’all have an interesting offering here, courtesy of SuG El MusiQ, Retical and Touchdabuka. What’s that talk about local axes again? Do not underestimate them because they are likely to surprise you when you’re not even expecting them.

You have an example in the artists here mentioned and the song they have put together. It’s striking how easily they blended as a team, creating a number that is sonically pleasing and memorable. The result is worth lapping up, of course.

SuG El MusiQ, Retical and Touchdabuka are regulars on our orbit. In fact, we can’t point to one number from them previously published here. But that’s by the way. The point is that they have created something memorable, and the default reaction is to keep eyes peeled for what next might drop from their orbit.

We can only guess it will be something just as charming. Until then, we’d just say, au revoir!


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