The Kiffness – Red Light, Green Light

It looks like we’re in for a light game as The Kiffness presents “Red Light, Green Light,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music hub.

David Scott is the parody artist who has been hiding under the name The Kiffness, which incidentally is also the name of the band to which he belongs.

The songster might have the musician tag to his person, but it is for his parody works that many know him. And while his latest drop might appear like a parody to some peeps out there, we wouldn’t give it that tag.

We’re better off describing the song as a prelude to the release of a new body of work titled “Dog Jams” EP. Are we about to witness a project with a hundred dogs howling at once? We can’t tell.

But then, “Red Light, Green Light” is more than enough encouragement to keep the eyes peeled for what The Kiffness has said is on the way and will be available a week from now – on October 22. Until then, turn on “Red Light, Green Light” and let the song do to you what it’ll do to you. The experience should be worth it.

The Kiffness – Red Light, Green Light

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