TNT Kenya Drops Same Thing With Tellaman

TNT Kenya shares “Same Thing” with his pal Tellaman. The title of the song is drab enough to provoke a yawn, but the song itself isn’t. So you’re assured of a good time..

TNT Kenya and Tellaman make fine team mates on this song and their flow is something to be experienced over and over. Although it is the first collaborative tune we’ve heard from them this month, we rate it high.

While TNT Kenya might not have popped on our orbit previously, his partner Tellaman has – several times. Alone or as a guest on the works of other artists, Tellaman delivers. Not surprisingly, some notable voices in South African music have co-opted him previously, notably Black Coffee and Nasty C.

Of course he did just as well in his latest bop with TNT Kenya. It’s a song that will intrigue not just hip hop nuts out there but lovers of music generally.

Wouldn’t you rather settle for “Same Thing” by TNT Kenya and Tellaman? It’s hard not to love what the pair has composed. It’s a leg bender.

How would you rate the song, though? We invite you to stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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