Tory Lanez’ Drops New Mixtape ‘The New Toronto 3’

Tory Lanez releases a brand new Mixtape "The New Toronto 3"

Tory Lanez drops a brand new mixtape titled “The New Toronto 3”.

Tory Lanez has been on a release frenzy on his journey to becoming an independent artist. He has been on a mission to serenade fans with new music for a while now. It has barely been five months since he dropped his last album “The Chixtape” and he’s already dishing a brand new one.

For a while now Tory has been on the move dropping hits back to back. We have received new songs including “Do The Most” and “Who Needs Love” which both appear on his new mixtape titled “The New Toronto 3”.

Title Artist Time
1 Pricey & Spicy Tory Lanez 2:31
2 The Coldest Playboy Tory Lanez 2:00
3 Stupid Again Tory Lanez 2:54
4 10 F*CKS Tory Lanez & Mansa 2:49
5 Dope Boy’s Diary Tory Lanez 3:04
6 Accidents Happen Tory Lanez & Lil Tjay 3:24
7 Broke In A Minute Tory Lanez 2:12
8 P.A.I.N Tory Lanez 4:14
9 Adidas Tory Lanez 3:25
10 Who Needs Love Tory Lanez 2:53
11 Do The Most Tory Lanez 2:24
12 Penthouse Red Tory Lanez 2:55
13 Letter To The City 2 Tory Lanez 3:16
14 Back In Business Tory Lanez 2:13
15 D.N.D. Tory Lanez 1:51
16 MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN Tory Lanez 2:00

The brand new mixtape is the third installment of his “New Toronto” series which first dropped back in 2015 and then in 2017. The new mixtape contains about 16 tracks and marks his last album with Interscope. About the project, he told Apple Music,

I just wanted to make sure I gave [the fans] what they wanted and what they could expect, because I’m about to go back to a lot of the classic sounds that I had and I’m about to start putting out real music again. I’ve just been with a label, and I never wanted to give them any of my best music, so I’ve been holding my best music back for like five years.”

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