Yallunder Premieres “Ndinovalo” Music Video

Delectable songstress Yallunder treats fans to a fine number titled “Ndinovalo,” which has got a music video you might want to check out as well.

The song is part of 1020 Cartel’s debut “iSambulo” project. That body of work has got songs by other artistes as well. Of that project, Yallunder is among the first to get a music video for her song.

I you have checked out the wole project, you would probably not be surprised by this. “Ndinovalo” is one of the memorable tracks in the compilation. It takes your into the orbit of Yallunder’s soulful voice, a place just about anyone should be chuffed to be in.

The brave new world of “Ndinovalo” beckons. To embrace this world is to experience profound musical pleasure. Now who wouldn’t want that? Having made it here, we are sure, nothing but musical pleasure is what you have in mind. And you’ll get just that.

You only have to do the needful: tap the plan button and let Yallunder take you places with her soulful singing. Yes?

Well, what do you think of Yallunder’s “Ndinovalo”? we invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section

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