YoungstaCPT – Benni McCarthy (In Memory of AKA)

South African rapper YoungstaCPT has released a new song called “Benni McCarthy (In Memory of AKA)” as a tribute to fellow rapper AKA who passed away on February 10, 2023, in Durban. The song is named after former South African footballer and Cape Town City FC coach, Benni McCarthy, who is a childhood hero of YoungstaCPT.

The song expresses condolences for the loss of AKA and reflects on the issue of gun violence and the challenges faced by artists in the music industry. YoungstaCPT uses his platform to highlight the importance of addressing gun violence and taking care of oneself.

The tribute is a poignant reminder of the impact that music can have on people’s lives and the role it can play in raising awareness and promoting positive change. It is heartening to see artists like YoungstaCPT using their platform to pay tribute to a life lost too soon and to bring attention to important social issues.

Overall, “Benni McCarthy (In Memory of AKA)” is a heartfelt tribute that serves as a reminder to cherish life and take steps to prevent senseless acts of violence. The song stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of AKA and the important role that music plays in shaping society.

YoungstaCPT – Benni McCarthy (In Memory of AKA)

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