Felo Le Tee & DBN Gogo – 100

Felo Le Tee and DBN Gogo share a new jam titled “100,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music and entertainment hub.

But what’s with South African musicians and numbers for titles these days? This month alone there have been at least three songs named for number. There was “66,” “666,” and now w have “100.”

Well, it’s worth saying that the musicians are not exactly pursuing fantasies in numerology. At least we cannot say the same for Felo Le Tee and DBN Gogo, two notable amapiano artistes from the Rainbow Nation.

What’s clear is that in this song they show whoever would listen that they have earned their places in South Africa’s piano universe. Listening to them is such a pleasure that you’re bound to find yourself making another listening decision.

Felo Le Tee and DBN Gogo are no strangers to each other. In their latest drop, it’s obvious that they make a fine team, complementing each other beautifully.

It’s a new week, and the song from the duo strokes us as one of the numbers to begin the week with. The song bears great illumination and should be ideal to stark the new week with. Go and find out.

Felo Le Tee & DBN Gogo – 100

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