2Leestark, Loki, Dreamteam, Quickfass Cass, DJ Kaygo – Ugesi

It’s a local gathering of champions as South Africa’s 2Leestark, Loki, Dreamteam, Quickfass Cas and DJ Kaygo link up for a song titled “Ugesi,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

Having artistes of such disparate orientation on the same number is pretty rare. In fact, it is the first time we’ve written about them together. That notwithstanding is easy to see that they aced their collaboration.

On the strength of this song, it is tempting to want to urge these friends to link up again and share another tune. Well, having not ruled out another joint number, y’all might want to look out for something just as exciting from them.

Of course, in the interim, like us, you should be lapping up their “Ugesi” tune, a soul charmer on many levels and a song to vibe with if you want something at once invigorating and exciting.

With “Ugesi” the prospects of a boring break are close to nil. So you may want to just kick away your shoes or whatever you’re wearing and surrender to this song. Your salvation is only just beginning, with this. Go figure, if you please.

2Leestark, Loki, Dreamteam, Quickfass Cass, DJ Kaygo – Ugesi

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