2Point1 – Stimela (Re-Make) ft. Ntate Stunna & Nthabi Sings

Independent music artists 2Point1 have made waves in the music industry with their latest amapiano song release, “Stimela (Re-Make),” featuring the talents of Ntate Stunna and Nthabi Sings. The new track is generating buzz among fans and critics alike, as it showcases the unique skills and creativity of these fast-rising stars.

“Stimela (Re-Make)” is a reimagined version of the original version, blending the vibrant energy of amapiano with the powerful vocal performances of Ntate Stunna and Nthabi Sings. The collaboration between the artists has resulted in a fresh and exciting take on the genre, captivating listeners with its infectious beat and compelling lyrics.

The release of “Stimela (Re-Make)” marks a significant milestone for 2Point1, as they continue to establish themselves as independent artists in the competitive music industry. The track’s success has garnered attention from fans and industry insiders, propelling the artists further into the spotlight.

Fans can expect more captivating music from 2Point1, Ntate Stunna, and Nthabi Sings as they continue to make their mark on the music scene. For now, “Stimela (Re-Make)” is available for streaming and download on various platforms, providing an exhilarating listening experience for fans of amapiano and beyond.

Stimela (Re-Make)

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