Chad Da Don, Emtee & Lolli Native – Lies

It’s a season of “Lies” for South African musicians Chad Da Don, and Lolli Native, as they share an interesting bop which you can stream here on UbeToo, South Africa’s premier music hub.

Having all three hip hop aces on the same number is more than a benediction to anyone interested in the hip hop universe in South and elsewhere.

One may as well call this a reunion track for and Chad Da Don, who have done a couple of collaborations previously. And like in past collaborations, they displayed great musical connection here.

Lolli Native comes in with as much energy as the two previously mentioned, creating a musical experience that just about anyone can relate with.

“Lies” opens the listener to exactly what’s in the title of the song. And it’s easy to relate with, whether your thoughts are about relationships or what people think of you.

It would hurt to speak “Lies” into your day right now. At least with that bop you easily realize people have many foibles and life itself can be a little drama.  Still it is worth experiencing, like what these three friends have out together. Vibe with it all you can.

Chad Da Don, Emtee & Lolli Native – Lies

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