Dlala Thukzin – Permanent Music 3 EP

Dlala Thukzin's Musical Evolution: Unveiling "Permanent Music 3 EP"

South African music sensation, Dlala Thukzin, has once again showcased his musical prowess with the release of his latest project, “Permanent Music 3 EP”. This EP is not just another collection of tracks but a reflection of Dlala Thukzin’s growth and evolution in the music scene. The artist’s dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of perfection are evident in this new release.

The EP, which is now available on various streaming platforms, has been met with positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Many have praised Dlala Thukzin’s ability to blend different musical elements to create a unique sound that resonates with a wide audience. The tracks in the EP are a testament to his versatility, with each song offering a different vibe, yet all staying true to his signature style.

Permanent Music 3 EP


#Track NameArtist(s)Duration
1Imoto (feat. Zaba)Dlala Thukzin & Sykes6:20
2IPlan (feat. Zaba & Sykes)Dlala Thukzin6:51
3Magical Ideas (feat. Kabza De Small)Dlala Thukzin7:09
495 UnleadedDlala Thukzin6:38
5Next LevelDlala Thukzin & Funky Qla6:06


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