A-Reece – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3 (CHSIB)

celebrates his birthday today, and he has decided to treat fans with a surprise release of a new single titled “Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3”, CHSIB for short. The excited artist announced the release on his social media accounts at midnight of March 27th 2022, with the caption.

happy birthday to me.
“ CHSIB PT.3 “ out now on @youtube . one love.

The artwork features an image of a younger A-Reece in the studio where there is a “No Smoking” notice but with A-reece holding a join in his hand.

“Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3” is a Black Metaphor produced heavy hip-hop tune. A-reece affirms he does this thing best while wishing himself a happy birthday. He also lets his listeners know that he is in a perfect place with his brother, whom he recently released a joint album.

In case you don’t know or ever doubt his age, A-Reece confirms in the record that he is 25 years old. He also made a surprise announcement that he will be doing something special for his fans on October 21st, he did not mention what it is, but he has something big coming.

Last year, questions of the South African crash was a thing all over social media. That nonetheless did not prevent “The Boy Doing Things” from releasing good music for fans to enjoy.

A-Reece made an impactful appearance with his music last year. First, he booted things off with a masterpiece mixtape, “Today’s Tragedy Tomorrow’s Memory”, which was sitting on major charts top for several months. The project was well-received by fans and heads. In addition, Reece also linked up with his blood brother Jay Jody as Blue Tape for the project “heaveN caN waiT: thE narroW dooR voL 1”, from which they recently released “tufF lucK” music video.

Enjoy the 2.50 minutes long “Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3” song below.

A-Reece – Couldn’t Have Said It Better Pt.3 (CHSIB)

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Quotable Lyrics

Somewhere in the east, i’m smoking …… cheese while I’m listening to rather you than me but not the whole thing there’s really one song stuck on repeat.

Same one that comes on right after Santorini, Greece. any day of the week I might be set to release. I got executives on the edge of their seats yeah, happy birthday to me.

Decided to treat myself so I just bought this beat, so here is too many more…..

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