Ada Ehi Croons More Than Enough

Ada Ehi croons “More Than Enough,” affirming God’s power in the life of the saints. The God she serves is more than enough for any situation. People need only have to seek his face

“More Than Enough” is one of the songs on Ada Ehi’s recently released “Born of God” album, a compilation of sixteen tracks, with “More Than Enough” sitting at No. 4, just above “The Love of Christ.”

“More Than Enough” is one of the most powerful songs in Ada Ehi’s December compilation, yes, that body of work was released this month. To listen to that song is to experience afresh the assurances of God’s power.

Ada Ehi would have his audience believe – and rightly so – that God is ever present in the life of the saints, although it might appear like he isn’t – at a point when faith seems weak.

Anyway, we have no qualms recommending “More Than Enough” to the Christian race. The song is worth a place on the playlist of any professor of Christ.

How would you rate “More Than Enough” by Ada Eh, though? You’re welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation b y dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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