Ada Ehi Drops Never Go Down Ft. Limoblaze

Ada Ehi implores the Christian race to “Never Go Down” in a new song featuring Limoblaze.

“Never Go Down” is one of the fiercest numbers in the songstress’s recently released “Born Of God” album, a 16-track project that affirms the power of God in the lives of the saints – or the Christian, if you please.

Of that compilation, we count “Never Go Down” among the songs you absolutely should not sleep on if you should decide to listen to just a few songs in that album. This song affirms the soul of the Christian, his rights in Christ and the vitality of living in recognition of those rights.

If you’re looking forward to a song of great spiritual energy, a song that can quicken your faith and set you ablaze once again for Christ, you just have to check out Ada Ehi’s and Limoblaze’s “Never Go Down.” You surely wouldn’t go down if you should elect to follow their path of faith. So you may want to do the needful.

How would you rate “Never Go Down” as a Christian song? Is it something you see yourself vibing with all day? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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