Aewon Wolf – The Return Album

It’s shaping up to be a month of surprises on the music front and South African artiste, Aewon Wolf is the latest to pull a surprise as he drops a new album titled “The Return”.

Durban-born artiste and director has been away from musical front-lines for a while and returns now with a major project that has been causing ripples since its release.

Earlier in the month, Aewon Wolf had taken to social media to talk about being away and how he now needed different media publications to cover him.

When he dropped the music video for “Cool Kids”, it got a very wide reception that is yet to calm down and the album has added more to the publicity.

The “Cool Kids” album has 13 tracks with songs like Situation, Thandolwami, Hide, Jomo Sono and more making the list.

Speaking about the project, Aewon Wolf said:

There was plenty poison that came with success, that had left me feeling dead inside, resorting to drinking and partying just to feel alive. This led me down a path of self-discovery during my hiatus. Allowing me to focus on my mental and physical well-being and just being an all round better person in a world filled with problems.

Singer, Masandi was featured on this project too and fans will be hoping that he is back for good with the attention that the project has been getting since it was released. Listen below:

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