Afrikan Roots – Eternity EP

Afrikan Roots Unveils "Eternity EP": A Fusion of Afro House Rhythms

Featuring Maz Sings, the EP Embarks on a Musical Journey of Timeless Sounds

Afrikan Roots, a name synonymous with the vibrant Afro House music scene, has released their latest EP titled “Eternity.” This new offering from the group features two captivating tracks, showcasing their unique blend of traditional African rhythms with contemporary electronic beats. The EP, which includes collaborations with the talented Maz Sings, was released on December 29, 2023, and is now available on various music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Deezer.

“Eternity” marks a significant addition to Afrikan Roots’ discography, further cementing their position in the Afro House genre. The EP’s tracks are a testament to the group’s ability to create music that transcends time and space, offering listeners an immersive auditory experience. The collaboration with Maz Sings adds a soulful dimension to the EP, blending perfectly with Afrikan Roots’ signature sound.

The release of “Eternity” has been met with positive reactions from fans and critics alike. Listeners have praised the EP for its rhythmic beats and the seamless fusion of traditional and modern musical elements. The tracks are not just songs but journeys that take the audience through a spectrum of emotions and cultural expressions.

Afrikan Roots’ “Eternity” is more than just an EP; it’s a celebration of African music’s rich heritage and its evolving influence in the global music scene. With this release, Afrikan Roots continues to push the boundaries of Afro House, introducing new sounds and collaborations that resonate with a diverse audience.

Eternity EP


Track Number Duration Title Artist Feature
1 5:50 Eternity (Original Mix) Real Afrikan Roots Maz Sings
2 5:50 Eternity (Dub Instrumental) Real Afrikan Roots Maz Sings


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