Afro Brotherz Lead Fans Through “The Lands”

South African band Afro Brotherz leads fans through “The Lands,” a fine number of afro-house hue that is going to detain the attention of many out there.

This prolific DJ and production duo has been treating the Rainbow Nation to fine numbers and mixtapes since they popped on the music scene. In fact, in the world of afro-house music, their names cannot be missed. Not at all.

Made up of DJ Click and Mohammed, Afro-Brotherz may be counted on anytime for a lyrical treat, the latest being what you are about to listen to. From the title one has the impression the song possesses anthropological notes, but does it? We leave the answer to you, people. You gotta explore the depths of the song to find out.

By the way, “The Lands” follows the release of “Lockdown Mix” and “A Cry Within,” a collaborative work with Terrie T. Given Afro Brotherz’s excellent creative fever, one expects them to drop more numbers in the coming days. For now, though, you want to take a tour through “The Lands.” Yes?

Afro Brotherz Drops The Lands For Free Download
Afro Brotherz Drops The Lands For Free Download

Care for a sweeping view of “The Landz”? Then stream the song right here and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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