AKA Raps Mufasa Off Bhovamania EP

presents “Mufasa” to the world, an intriguing number that is best appreciated by just, well, listening to it.

“Mufasa” is track 4 of 13 in ’s recently released “Bhovamania,” a compilation featuring several fine voices in South African music, including , , , , and .

On the strength of its title alone, “Mufasa” can generate great interest in AKA’s latest project. For one, it is one of the adopted names of AKA’s greatest rival to date (). And fans out there would be curious to know what AKA has got to say about his rival.

But is the “Mufasa” song really about ? Well, we wouldn’t want o ruin the suspense. We should think you would be better off listening to the song and clawing out its meat yourself. We confirm, however, that the lyrics of the song will most likely suck you in for  a second listening session – perhaps more.

Of all the songs in the “Bhovamania” compilation, we wager that “Mufasa” will be among the top five songs to generate great fan interest.

Go ahead and embrace the song and let us know what you think about it, in the comment section below.

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